Our School of Sanctuary

What is a School of Sanctuary?
We are working hard to become a School of Sanctuary. 
The definition of a School of Sanctuary is given below (taken from the School of Sanctuary website) 

A School of Sanctuary:

  • Is a place that fosters a culture of welcome and safety for people seeking sanctuary, including asylum seeking and refugee families.

  • Educates the whole school community about the human right to sanctuary and identifies practical means for schools to demonstrate that commitment.

  • Builds empathy and intercultural awareness through promoting the voices and contributions of people seeking sanctuary, encouraging an understanding of the experiences of displaced people and helping to combat stereotypes.

As part of our school vision we try hard to bear the Fruit of the Spirit  and do good work so we are pleasing the Lord. Our work towards the School of Sanctuary award means we are showing many of the Fruit of the Spirit and using them to help others.
In 2020/21 we have worked hard to do the following:
Raise awareness of Interfaith relationships.
  • We held our Interfaith Week in November 2020
  • All families were invited to create and Interfaith Welcome Poster and the contributions were amazing. Watch out for these posters appearing around school.
  • Each class contributed some handkerchiefs to our 'Handkerchief of Hope Project' The handkerchiefs when placed together became our whole school welcome banner. Our banner welcomes everyone from any faith or no faith at all and reminds us we are all different, all equal.
  • We have built links with the Wirral Deen Centre.
Raise awareness of the difficult journeys refugees and asylum seekers experience
  • Our pupils found out about what a refugee or asylum seeker is and about some of the ways we can be welcoming to those who are new to our school, Bebington, Wirral and beyond.
  • We built relationships with Heart4Refugees (a local charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Hoylake)
  • Our Reverse Advent Calendar helped us to be compassionate and collect food and toiletry items for the refugees and asylum seekers staying in Hoylake. Our school family were so generous.
  • We considered what we would take with us if we had to leave our homes suddenly, to escape danger.
  • Each class created a Christmas Care Bag to bring joy at Christmas. Each bag contained letters, messages, Christmas cards, a calendar and other items.
Our next steps:
  • Take part in Refugee week in June 2021
  • Find out more about our families and share some of the things we love about our differences.
  • Create welcome packs in our classes to welcome anybody who is new.