Religious Education at St Andrew's

What do children learn in RE?
We follow the Chester Diocesan Scheme for RE enhanced by resources from Understanding Christianity resources. Our planning follows a rolling programme and there are four cycles of planning. For 2021/22 we are following Cycle A and B with FS2 following Cycle C.
 Children learn about the Christian concepts of:
- Good News
- God
- Christian Community
- Incarnation
- Kingdom of God
- Forgiveness
- Salvation
- Resurrection
- Discipleship
- Creation
- Holy Spirit
In addition children also learn about some other religious and non-religious world views.
A different concept is the focus for a half term and where possible linked with the liturgical calendar e.g. salvation and resurrection concepts will be taught around Easter time.
The Big RE Day June 2022
St Andrew's were so excited to plan a Big RE Day 'Suitcase of Faith' funded by LTLRE. This event was planned to bring seven schools together from across Birkenhead and Bebington. Some of the schools were church schools and some were community schools. Each school brought six children for the day and it was so lovely to see the children working together and reflecting on their learning. 
The children discussed sanctuary seekers and the journey they have to make, They met refugees from Heart 4 Refugees and then met five members of different faiths or beliefs. Each person had a suitcase and inside they had packed objects they would take if they had to leave home suddenly because of danger. Each suitcase was different and reflected the beliefs of each person.  The children were tolerant, respectful and learnt a lot. In the afternoon, each child made a bag to celebrate what they had learnt and to give messages of tolerance, respect and hope.
Engaging with members of other
religious and non- religious world views
Now we are back to normal, it has been so wonderful during 2021/22 to give our children the chance to engage with other people of different beliefs.
Y2- Virtual Judaism Workshop
Y3 and Y4- Hinduism workshop including Hindu dancing
Y5 and Y6 have visited Wirral Deen Centre to learn about Islam and see the mosque.
See some of our Hindu dancing here.
Our Concepts and Our Vision
In November 2021 we produced our own frieze of the Big Story of the Bible. When we look at the frieze we can use it to help us understand all our concepts which we learn about in our RE. We are finding out about how these concepts form the Big Story of the Bible. At St Andrew's we are also learning about how our vision is evident in the Big Story of the Bible. We enjoy looking for different aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit within our frieze panels.
Our Virtual World Faith Workshops  April 2021
After waiting for a long time, due to school closures we have been able to have our Virtual World Faith Trips. Children have learnt about Global Christianity, Islam and Judaism through these workshops. 
The Learning Journey
Children have an individual RE book as well as contributing to a whole class RE book where discussions, debates and other whole class activities are recorded.
Our concept symbols help the children to become familiar with the concepts they will encounter within their RE lessons.
At St Andrew's, we encourage the children to show tolerance and mutual respect for those from other faiths and no faith at all. Through our RE lessons the children develop their understanding for other faiths.
We took part in Interfaith Week 2020 and produced a whole school welcome banner which now hangs in our entrance hall for all to see. Many children also created welcome posters at home which will be displayed around the school grounds when we are all together again.
In 2021 our links with the Wirral Deen Centre have developed enabling us to record an interview for the children to use in their learning about Islam (in the current lockdown situation). The children were also very excited to be asked to contribute some art for a piece of artwork to be displayed in the Wirral Deen Centre. Children have used Islamic Art to inspire their designs.
For Interfaith Week 2021 we made Interfaith Pledges to combat climate change and considered how those of all faiths and no faith can work together. We were really proud of on of our Y3 children who won the badge competition run by Wirral Deen Centre. As a school we were delighted to be part of an exhibition for the community at Birkenhead Library.
We have implemented a thorough assessment cycle beginning with learning ladders in the children's books linked to the learning outcomes for each concept. Information from our learning ladders feeds into whole class assessment grids for each concept enabling staff to share information as children move through the year groups.
The key skills children develop in RE are also very valuable, and so we look carefully at the skills we feel the children develop through their RE and record these in our Progression Maps.
Our Assessment Cycle below shows our assessment process in more detail.
Important Reference Documents