Pastoral Care and Behaviour

In our primary school the immediate responsibility for pastoral care is with the child’s class teacher with assistance and guidance from the Headteacher when required. At St Andrew’s we also have Teaching Assistants with specific responsibilities for bereavement, loss and bullying.  For our pastoral care to be fully effective, we need to possess as much information about your child as possible.  Therefore, it is important that a good home/school relationship is established. A “Worry Box” and a “Rainbow Box” (for prayer requests) are available in a central location for all pupils.

The climate of our school is one of rights and responsibilities.  Our children learn that everyone has the right to learn and the responsibility to ensure a positive learning environment .We encourage an atmosphere where good relationships are seen to be of great importance and where being 'ready, respectful and safe'  are necessary for success.  We emphasise the positive in our discipline at school, reinforcing good behaviour and achievement by various rewards and privileges.  Where unacceptable behaviour occurs and sanctions are involved, it is important to emphasise that the element of forgiveness and reconciliation, and a new start are present and available.

Rights Respecting School

“Education should develop each child’s personality and talents to the full. It should encourage children to respect their parents and their own and others cultures.”

Article 29 U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child

All members of St Andrew’s School are valued equally.  There should be respect in our school for everyone around us whether adult or child, boy or girl, whatever we look like, wherever we live or whatever language we speak.  There should be a respect for other people’s property, religion, opinions and feelings.  We must always make an effort to understand and respect others. We should show respect for others by treating them in a way that we would like to be treated.  School should be a place for learning so there should be respect for those who are learning with us.

School is a place for learning

  • we should make every effort to be punctual in school
  • we should listen to other people and follow instructions carefully
  • we should always work to the best of our ability
  • by behaving well in the classroom we are respecting the rights of others to learn

Some forms of behaviour are not acceptable at St Andrew’s

  • being rude or cheeky
  • name calling
  • using bad language
  • bullying or hurting other children
  • damaging or vandalising school property
  • lying to get someone into trouble or to get out of trouble