Worship this Term

In our final term of the year we have focused on the themes of Thankfulness and Justice. 
We have been thinking about how lucky we are and have considered all we have to be thankful for. As we celebrated the Platinum Jubilee, we spent a lot of time thinking abut our Queen and giving thanks for her leadership and care.
After half term, we have focused throughout June on sanctuary seekers and how we can help to show welcome. We have thought about how to treat everyone fairly and with respect and tolerance. We particularly enjoyed hearing the story of 'The Suitcase' when the Travelling Suitcase visited school. During Refugee Week, we focused on healing our world through our own acts. 
Our clergy have helped us to learn about Friendship within the Bible and the Joy it brings. In the second half term we have focused on Changes and Hope, as we all begin to think about moving to new year groups and new schools.
We are very much looking forward to our first Key Stage 2 Eucharist Service at the beginning of July.
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Easter at St Andrew's 2022
At St Andrew's we spent time thinking about our worship themes this last half term. We asked our families to create a rock to represent a part of the Waymaker Worship we have been following during Lent. Our Waymaker Rock Path looked beautiful at the front of school and FS2 added their Easter gardens to the pathway too.
Many of our families chose to make an Easter jar which showed a part of the Easter story. They were all so different, special and unique. The children in school enjoyed looking at the jars in the entrance hall and the jars created a very special reflection area for us all to use.
Our KS2 children enjoyed our Eggcellent Eggs Competition and considered those in our world or in the Bible who we can follow as an example. The eggs were really creative and helped us all to consider those people in our world who are servant hearted, forgiving, bold, accepting, compassionate or a light in the darkness. 
On the last day of term, we had a wonderful walk to church to celebrate Easter with a service led by Year 5. It had been a long time since we had gathered in church together as a school, and for some of our smallest children it was the first time they had visited St Andrew's church. In the afternoon we had an Easter Hat parade in the sunshine.  What a special time we had.
Take  a look at our videos and gallery of pictures from our Easter celebrations.
Spring Term 2022
During the first half of the Spring Term, we focused on the value of Service in our whole school worship. We were able to learn from others within our worship as well as from the Bible. It was wonderful to have the following people to help us learn more about Service in different contexts.
  • Rock of Joy (our school charity)
  • Faiths 4 Change- who inspired us to serve our environment and God's creation
  • A parent who spoke to us about the value of Service within the Sikhi faith.
In the second half of Spring Term we are focusing on Lent and the words Jesus said.
"I am the way, the truth and the light".
We are considering what it means to be truthful and a waymaker using a series of worship resources from the Archbishop of York Trust.
We are thinking about 
  • Being Servant Hearted
  • Being Compassionate
  • Being Accepting
  • Being Bold
  • Being Forgiving
  • Being a light in the darkness
Each week we know we can think about how our school vision supports and helps us to be all of these things.
Here are links to a few of our Tweets about worship this half term. A special well done to our Worship Wonders who are leading more worship in school.
Autumn Term 2 2021
This half term we are thinking about Trust in our whole school worship. Our clergy are helping us learn more about Peace and Advent and in class worship we have been thinking about our British Values using Picture News.
We also had a special Interfaith Worship as part of Interfaith Week in November. It was lovely to hear Piara from Wirral Deen Centre share on of her favourite stories from the Muslim faith.
As we enter Advent some of our worship leaders who have been training this half term will be ready yo lead some worship in school. We are very excited. We will also be thinking about Sharing the Light using the wonderful picture you can see below as a stimulus.
For Harvest Festival each class focused on a part of the Harvest of the Earth; Harvest of the trees and flowers, Harvest of the Ocean, Harvest of the grain, Harvest of the land and earth, Harvest of the flock and Harvest of the Fruit of the Spirit. We shared songs, reflections and readings. Although we are still worshipping remotely our collective worship was very special.
Autumn Term 2021
This half term we begin with a focus on PERSEVERANCE. We are all considering how we can set challenges for ourselves this year and how we can help each other to persevere. Most importantly, we are remembering that Christians believe Jesus is with us with every challenge and helping us to live out our vision. We will be considering patience and faithfulness, two of our Christian values as we think about PERSERVERANCE.
In addition our clergy are also helping us to think about New Beginnings and thinking about our community.
Ambitions and Aspirations Day 1st October 2021
We held a special day for us all to think about what we want to be when we grow up. It was a great day and the children dressed up as all sorts of wonderful ambitions. We thought carefully about how we can persevere to reach our ambitions and how we can help each other too.
Here are some links to our Twitter feed from the day.
"Let us run with perseverance the race that lies before us. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end."
Hebrews 12:1-2
Our final half term of the year....
In our final half term of the year, we are thinking about COURAGE. We are going to spend time considering when we need courage and when we can help others to be more courageous.  As part of our work towards becoming a School of Sanctuary we will be reflecting on how we can help refugees and asylum seekers to feel welcome in our community and give them courage through knowing God is always with them.
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go" Joshua 1:9
Members of the clergy are going to be helping us to learn more about the different aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit from the Bible. We are looking forward to hearing Bible stories so we can grow in our knowledge of God.
On the 13th May 2021 we celebrated Ascension Day by thinking about the story of Jesus going to heaven. Using different types of shoes, we learnt about how important this story is and how special it is for us to know Jesus is SEATED HIGH OVER EVERYTHING and is always with us and praying for us. 
We thought about how Jesus walked in our shoes on earth and how we can now walk in Jesus' shoes through how we live our lives. Our school vision reminds us to bear the Fruit of the Spirit and live a life worthy of the Lord so we reflected upon how we can use the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives. Every child drew around their feet and thought about which aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit they can show each day.
The Travelling Worship Chest continues on its journey...
Our Travelling Worship Chest continues to visit each class for a week. Here it is in Year 6. The objects inside are usually on our whole school Worship Table but as we can't worship together at the moment the children can't see these important artefacts each day. It is is very special for our children to be able to use the objects in the chest to prepare a focal point for worship in class. There are even different coloured cloths so we can learn about the liturgical colours of the church.
Year 1 encounter the Travelling Worship Chest for the first time...
This term we are beginning by thinking about the theme of FRIENDSHIP. We are considering how we have a friend in Jesus and how Jesus is woven into our lives like a thread in a friendship bracelet.  We are reflecting upon how we can use our Fruit of the Spirit to be a good friend to one another.
We are also learning about the Lord's Prayer through worship with our clergy.
During May, we are running a special photo competition alongside the Rotary Club, As we are thinking about friendship this half term, we have asked our children and families to take a photo which they feel shows love and kindness. The photo can be from lockdown or a recent photo but we hope our photographs will help us reflect upon what love and kindness looks like in our lives. Steve from the Rotary Club has this special message for our children.
We shared a wonderful collective worship on Friday 26th March to celebrate Easter together. Each class participated in our worship via Google Meet and it was a very special time for us all. Our Governors joined our worship and it was lovely to see them. 
Our Easter Worship was a wonderful way to end a week of special reflections focused around the Easter story. The school looks wonderful with lots of beautiful reminders of the love of God at the heart of our school. Our Lent crosses have filled our school environment and we know our school families will add more crosses to the community of Bebington as the Easter Holidays begin. We hope everyone walking past our school will continue to enjoy our crosses for Easter at the front of school.
This wonderful video was part of our special Easter Worship today.
Introducing our Travelling Worship Chest
From February 2021, we have introduced our Travelling Worship Chest. The chest moves around a different class each week and contains objects to make collective worship really special and create a greater sense of awe and wonder for our children. During this year, with collective worship restricted to being online and in our own classrooms we have all missed our worship table and focal point in the school hall. 
Within the worship chest children will find many special objects including a wooden cross, a battery candle and some special coloured runners. These will be used to introduce the children to some of the liturgical colours used in church. When we return to worship in the school hall, we will be able to use these coloured runners on our worship table to reflect the Christian calendar.
In the second half of the Spring Term our worship focus will be Forgiveness whilst also focusing on Lent as we prepare for Easter. As part of our Lent focus, we will be using the Pilgrim's Pathway Resources from the Archbishop of York Trust. Our Lent Activity Grid will also help us to focus on  thankfulness, promise, forgiveness and reflection.
During the first half of Spring Term we will be thinking about Respect in our worship. We will be thinking about a quote from the Bible.
'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'
Matthew 7:12
This Bible verse is displayed in the Golden Rule mosaic presented to the UN in 1985 which now hangs in UN HQ in New York. It depicts people from different nations standing together with the words from the Bible verse. All countries that belong to the UN have agreed that they will try to live by this golden rule. We will be considering how we can live by this rule in our school and community.
During November and December we will be thinking about the value of COMPASSION and how we can use the Fruit of the Spirit to be compassionate.
Have a look at these stories we have looked at in our worship so far this half term
What do the stories teach us about Compassion?
We have also had some wonderful Collective Worships where we have been able to learn about those in need. Christine from Rock of Joy shared with us an update on the Lady Grace School in Uganda and encouraged us in our fundraising ideas to help buy new playground equipment for the school.
Kathleen from Christian Aid talked to us about the compassionate work of Christian Aid and we learnt about how important a mosquito net can be in saving lives. This is something we can help with in our school.
Finally, through Advent we are learning about refugees and asylum seekers living here on the Wirral. We had a Collective Worship to learn more about the local charity A Heart 4 Refugees and we are running a Reverse Advent Calendar to collect items needed by the refugees and asylum seekers. We spent time reflecting on how we can help and be compassionate.
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Remembrance Poppies
Many children in our school have made poppies at home as a mark of Remembrance Day 2020.  
PRAYER AND SHARE- Thursday 22nd October
Usually we hold our special child led Prayer and Praise Worships in the hall each half term. Each class chooses a song or hymn and we share prayers. We can't gather in the hall at the moment, or sing, so we held a Prayer and Share online focused on the theme of generosity. It was the first time we had all gathered together and could see each other during worship. Staff and children alike felt revived and inspired by this worship and God was very much at the heart of our worship.
During the week of the 5th October we celebrated Harvest. Each class held a Harvest worship and we collected food donations for the Charles Thompson Mission. Take a look at our Twitter feed to see our donations being collected.
Some of us recorded what we are thankful for at this Harvest time.
During the first half of Autumn term we have focused on the Christian Value of GENEROSITY. We have also learnt about the Miracles of Jesus. 
We have considered how we can be cheerful givers and how we can use our Fruit of the Spirit to be generous.
We have adapted our whole school worship for use within our year group bubbles. Our adapted worship schedule can be found here.
You can watch some of the stories we have used during worship the first half of Autumn term here
The story of Johnny Appleseed
The story of Nehemiah
The story of Jesus meeting the Centurion
One of the prayers we have used this half term about Generosity

Dear Lord

Help us to be generous and

Do all we can,

By all the means we can,

In all the ways we can, In all the places we can,

At all the times we can,

To all the people we can,

As long as we ever can.