Our Fruit of the Spirit Project

Our Fruit of the Spirit Project

Each class at St Andrew’s has been allocated an aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit so that as children leave St Andrew’s they have encountered each Fruit of the Spirit in depth.  This means our children learn about the work and power of the Holy Spirit both in themselves and others.

Phase 1

To ensure the Fruit of the Spirit are a permanent focus as part of our school vision and our worship we created a worship focal point in our school as the first part of our ‘Fruit of the Spirit Project’ This was a culmination of a Biblical focus day (Oct 2017) and an Art focus Day (March 2018) so our focal point was rooted in Biblical stories, children’s interpretations, understanding and links to everyday life. Each class encountered Bible stories linked to their class aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit and considered how their understanding  could be represented in pictures or symbols.

Phase 2
In our second phase, we held a whole school Prayer Festival (June 2019) enabling the children to plan a Prayer or Reflection activity to demonstrate and help others to consider each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit. Our Prayer Festival was a wonderful event and was treasured by children, staff, parents and members of the clergy and our Governors. 
Children went on to design painted rocks as part of a family homework to symbolise each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit. The Worship and Eco committee worked together to make these rocks into an outdoor focal point in September 2019.
We also had a photo competition enabling children to think about different aspects of the Fruit of the
Spirit in the world around us. The Rotary Club judged this for us and provided prizes for the children.
Phase 3
In our third phase, beginning in September 2019, we introduced our new vision encompassing the Fruit of the Spirit as our school Christian Values and making the Fruit of the Spirit central to the work of our school. Children engaged in focused tasks in their classes to learn about our Vision and Values.  Focusing on Bible stories, courageous advocates, writing and art activities linked to our new school vision the children found out about the Fruit of the Spirit at work in many different ways.

We introduced our Vision actions, created by the children to help us all remember our school vision.  In addition,to help us all recognise the Fruit of the Spirit at work in others, we created our Vision Alive
award. This award celebrates those children who have shown aspects of the Fruit of
the Spirit.
Our Vision and Values Open afternoon to engage our parents, carers and families with our new vision was sadly cancelled due to COVID 19 restrictions, however we hope our website and Twitter feed provide information about our Vision and Values which is easily accessible.
Quotes from our children about our Fruit of the Spirit Project

“I’m a Christian but the project helped me understand more about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is made up of the all the Fruit of the Spirit and these are the traits in us.”


“Jesus can’t be here on earth with us all the time but the Holy Spirit is Jesus all around us and in us.”


“The display in the hall reminds us of the colours that can shine from us with the help of the Holy Spirit.”


“Joy is a powerful thing. God wants joy in his Kingdom.”


“The Holy Spirit is like the wind. It’s something we can feel but we can’t see it. We can see the colours shining from us.”


“The Holy Spirit is colourful.”


“It is like we are going into the prism one way and come out with all the colours from the Holy Spirit.”